My goals at the beginning of the year were to have better memorization and execution. I feel like I definitely improved in execution, and my classmates felt the same as well. I know that even though there were some bumps in the road, overall, I improved. I started the quarter off reading straight from my paper, and performed my last speech with more eye contact and engagement with my audience.

last words.

Although I was self-conscious about my last speaking topic, I’m happy I did, because I was staying true to myself. I was satisfied with my delivery and I put a lot of effort into rehearsing the speech and making sure I knew the content and phrasing of my lines.

Overall, I felt like this class was super beneficial to my growth in public speaking. I feel more confident and the skills even helped me in my recent job interview. I’m grateful Cal Poly makes this class required, because I would have never taken this class on my own.


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