arts & mental health.


I most definitely almost pulled an all nighter for this speech because I felt like there were a a lot of required sources. I felt as if my speech did not flow well, and I felt as if I was just adding in information for the sake of the source count. I know I could have elaborated more on each of the sources, providing context and explanation, but I was so exhausted from working. In addition, the delivery of my speech was poor because I had already hit my physical limits and was having trouble pulling myself together. I felt myself reading off the paper practically the whole time, and I struggled to pull myself together mentally. I also had technical difficulties while trying to make my visual aid work and I know I could have put more effort into putting in images. This was definitely the worst of my work.


Overall, my classmates enjoyed my topic. They felt like all of the elements of my speech were adequate, but my presentation and visual aid were lacking. They saw that I was passionate about my topic, but the execution itself was not as clear as it should have been. They felt that I was credible, but felt like I was just shoving facts and stats into my speech. They also felt that I spoke in a monotonous tone and spoke a little too fast.


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