I’m not a stranger to public speaking. I don’t prefer it, but I was exposed to it pretty often. Coming up with some solid goals was more of a challenge than I had anticipated, but I narrowed it all down to two goals.


Having an anxiety disorder definitely gets in the way of my memorization skills, which is why I am grateful that it is not required to perform speeches verbatim. However, it is nice to find the right technique of using index cards. Be Brain Fit has a list of 36 proven ways to improve memorization. I am a bit skeptical about some of them, but I know that I can definitely keep hydrated and drink less caffeine. Business Insider wrote an article about how to memorize a speech in one hour, but I plan to apply some of these techniques in the span of a week or a few days, instead of an hour. I will definitely write an outline and visualize everything before practicing multiple times. Ginger Public Speaking also suggests similar methods.


I always feel that I struggle to have solid execution for my speeches, mainly because my speaking is weak and so are my points. Prolific Living gives some good points about how to have effective speech and delivery. I plan to improve this by really getting passionate about what I am speaking about, finding the motivation to speak. I also need to find understanding of the audience and get them to the level of understanding that I have on this topic. Carthage College wrote up some public speaking tips for their Model United Nations team, but I learned some good tips as well. I should be confident, clear, and concise, and not be afraid to use a pause or so to make a statement. Adding some gestures keeps the audience engaged, instead of standing there like a statue. Finally, Toastmasters International provided suggestions on how to deliver a successful speech. Just as some of the other sources said, I should be prepared and convey my passion through my speaking, as well as actually feeling passionate about the topic.


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